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Brake Fluid Flush

Ensure optimal braking performance and safety with our comprehensive Brake Fluid Flush service. Over time, brake fluid can become contaminated, leading to decreased efficiency and increased wear on your braking system. Our expert technicians use advanced techniques to completely flush out old fluid and replace it with high-grade, manufacturer-recommended brake fluid. This service not only enhances your vehicle's braking response but also prolongs the life of your brake components. Keep your journey safe and secure with Bimmer Hub's professional brake fluid maintenance. Recommended interval is every 2 years!


Coolant Flush

Protect your engine and maintain optimal operating temperatures with Bimmer Hub's Coolant Flush service. Our thorough process effectively removes old, degraded coolant and any buildup of contaminants, ensuring your cooling system operates efficiently. We replenish your system with premium-quality coolant that's suitable for your specific vehicle model, enhancing its ability to prevent overheating and corrosion. Regular coolant flushes are vital for extending the life of your engine and keeping your vehicle running smoothly in all driving conditions. Recommended interval is every 4 years!


Power Steering Flush

"Experience smoother steering and preserve the health of your steering system with our Power Steering Flush service. Old, dirty power steering fluid can lead to increased steering effort, noise, and even damage to your steering components. Our skilled technicians flush out the entire system, removing contaminants and worn-out fluid, then refill it with top-tier power steering fluid that matches your vehicle's requirements. This service not only improves your driving experience but also prevents costly repairs down the line. Turn to Bimmer Hub for expert power steering maintenance and enjoy the ease of maneuverability and enhanced control." Recommended interval is every 4 years!


Differential Flushes

Your BMW fluids are NOT lifetime! It's very important to perform a fluid exchange on your differentials to protect the internals and keep your BMW running healthy for many more years! We use Full Synthetic Liqui Moly fluid. Recommended interval is every 60k miles.


Transfer Case Flush

Another important maintenance item on your BMW! Keep your All wheel drive system running on fresh fluid to maintain long life on your Transfer case! A Transfer case replacement can cost thousands! We use Genuine BMW fluid on this service! Recommended interval is every 60k miles!


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