About Us

Welcome to Bimmer Hub, the brainchild of Joe Stisi, where the pulse of BMW excellence is felt in every aspect of our service. Here, we don't just tell a story about cars; we're part of a passion-fueled journey in automotive excellence.

Joe Stisi's route through the world of BMW is a testament to dedication and mastery. Over a remarkable span of twenty years, he rose from a passionate technician to the respected foreman of a BMW workshop. For Joe Stisi, working with BMW wasn't just a career, it was a calling – a pursuit of perfection and a commitment to automotive artistry.

When the world faced the unprecedented challenges of COVID, Joe Stisi saw a window for innovation and expansion. Harnessing his extensive BMW experience and his profound passion for cars, he embarked on a new adventure, establishing Bimmer Hub. This venture marked more than the opening of a business; it signified the creation of a community for BMW lovers and those who appreciate exceptional automotive care.

Under the guidance of Joe Stisi, Bimmer Hub is more than a performance and maintenance shop; it's a haven where vehicles are treated with reverence and expertise. Specializing in BMWs, our team offers everything from advanced performance enhancements to thorough maintenance. Our heart beats for BMW, our skills and dedication show in our 5 Star rating! With each BMW treated with the utmost care and attention.

Join us at Bimmer Hub, where Joe Stisi and our team of dedicated professionals don't just form a crew, but a family, committed to the art of automotive excellence. Dive into a world where your vehicle's performance and care are our passion, and experience the difference dedication makes.

  • Joe Stisi

    Owner / Operator / Master Technician

    With over 25 years in the automotive industry, our team member has been a driving force in delivering 5-star customer service and impeccable quality control. Beginning his career in an Auto Body Shop from 1998 to 2002 and a Lincoln Technical Institute top graduate in 2002, he quickly rose through the ranks. His experience spans from being a Master Technician and Team Leader at BMW dealerships (2002-2015) to a Shop Foreman (2015-2020), culminating in his pivotal role in founding Bimmer Hub in June 2020. His journey reflects our dedication to automotive excellence and superior customer care.

  • Mike Goworek

    Service advisor / Westfield
    A key member of the Bimmer Hub team, brings over 24 years of automotive industry experience, demonstrating an unwavering dedication to customer service. His exceptional work at BMW, earning him Platinum Level awards as a service consultant, reflects his commitment to going above and beyond for every client. Mike's multifaceted role at Bimmer Hub includes being a dispatcher, estimator, cashier, and appointment coordinator, contributing significantly to our 5-star Google rating. His extensive background, including 16 years at a Honda dealership and 6 years at a BMW dealership, ensures every vehicle is repaired correctly and efficiently, maintaining our standard of excellence.

  • Anthony Romeo

    Team Leader / Technician

    A BMW-expert at Bimmer Hub, combines over 12 years of experience in the automotive industry with a commitment to quality and efficiency. Graduating from Lincoln Technical Institute, he has honed his skills, especially with F and G series vehicles. Known for treating every car as his own, Anthony's number one goal is delivering top-quality work. His expertise extends beyond technical skills; he plays a crucial role in assisting fellow technicians, explaining complex repairs to clients, and conducting thorough diagnosis and inspection reports. With 9 years of experience at a BMW dealership, Anthony embodies the high standards and dedication to excellence that define Bimmer Hub.

  • Juhaud Bernaola


    The first technician to join the Bimmer Hub team, is a specialist in high-performance repairs. A 2018 graduate from Universal Technical Institute, he brings over 5 years of experience in the automotive industry. His expertise includes turbo upgrades, bolt-ons, crank hubs, and rod bearings. Juhaud is particularly skilled in tackling major repairs such as oil pan gaskets and engine replacements, showcasing his ability to handle complex challenges with ease and precision.

  • Darwin Veliz

    A testament to talent and dedication at Bimmer Hub, brings over 4 years of automotive experience to the team. His journey from a customer to a key team member showcases his deep connection and commitment to our ethos. Darwin is an expert in all things electrical, body, trim, and convertible repairs. Renowned for his willingness to take on challenging projects, he excels in diagnosing and fixing issues swiftly and effectively. His expertise also extends to performance work, wheels and tires, and particularly, Carbon Fiber Trim installations, making him a versatile and invaluable asset to Bimmer Hub.

  • Axel Salvador

    A BMW-expert technician at Bimmer Hub, brings a wealth of knowledge with his 4 years of experience at a BMW dealership. Specializing in diagnosis, wheel alignments, and maintenance, he is an integral part of our team. Axel is not just skilled technically; he excels in client communication, ensuring a transparent and reassuring experience during repair visits. His positive attitude in the workshop is infectious, contributing significantly to the upbeat and professional atmosphere at Bimmer Hub.

  • Pablo Escobar

    Pablo, with over 12 years of rich automotive experience, began his impressive career in Guatemala as a technician and engine builder. His expertise spans across all makes and models, affirming that no job is too big or too small for him. At Bimmer Hub, Pablo specializes in major tasks including oil pan gaskets, engine builds, turbochargers, oil leaks, maintenance, and timing chains. Known for his impeccable attendance, consistently positive attitude, and punctuality, Pablo is not just a skilled technician, but a reliable and valued member of our team.

  • Marty Dias

    Valet / Lot Manager
    Marty, a retired Police officer and Military Veteran, joined the Bimmer Hub team in 2022, transitioning from a dedicated customer to a vital team member. As a BMW enthusiast and owner of three BMWs, his passion for these vehicles shines through in his work. Marty plays a crucial role in ensuring quality control through meticulous road tests post-repair. His responsibilities also extend to valeting clients' cars during drop-offs and pickups, maintaining shop cleanliness, managing orders for shop supplies, and keeping our apparel stock updated. His addition to the team has been nothing short of exceptional, bringing a unique blend of discipline, dedication, and enthusiasm to Bimmer Hub.

  • Jose Novio


    Jose is an autmotive enthusiast with a passion for precision engineering. Graduating from UTI in 2021 with certifications in both Automotive and Diesel, he quickly established himself as a skilled technician. Starting his career in the auto industry at a used car dealership, where he further refined his skills. His expertise led him to transition to a BMW dealership where he received the proper training to service all BMW's. Now, as the newest member of Bimmer Hub team, Jose brings his specialized knowledge to the world of high end BMW's. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to excellence, Jose is poised to make a significant impact at Bimmer Hub.

  • Jonathan Figueiredo

    Technician / Team Leader

    A great addition to our team! Jon comes with many years of automotive expertise! Known for his meticulous work ethic and always giving the most care on every clients car he works on! Graduated with a Bachelors in automotive technology in 2012. He began his automotive journey at a BMW dealership from 2012 to 2021. Elevating his work profile with a Level 1 BMW Master technician certification! In 2021 Jon began his next chapter at an independent BMW workshop, which allowed him to be a BMW performance specialist. Jon has taken on a role of being a Team Leader at our newest location in Roselle Park NJ. We are beyond excited to see him grow in our company and help lead our Team to service excellence!

  • Ryan Kolasinski

    Service advisor / Roselle Park

    Ryan is a service advisor at our newest location in Roselle Park NJ. Ryan previously was a Service advisor at a BMW dealership since 2019. Dedicated to 5 star customer service! Goes above and beyond to make sure your BMW is repaired and completed on time! Ryan has expertise in customer service since 2017. Comes with all the product knowledge and customer service certifications in the business! Ryan continues to help us build lifetime clients and creates new relations with each customer. Come say hello to Ryan and the Team!